International Bestselling Author, Harvard Speaker, and Entrepreneur Lise Gottlieb Reveals…

The Proven Business Builder System That Turns Your Knowledge and Expertise Into a Profitable Online Business!

Let me show you how easy it is to CREATE a valuable asset people want, BUILD your authority online, and SELL your info products, courses, or coaching packages with Facebook™ ads... and probably faster than you think! 

The Proven Business Builder System That Turns Your Knowledge and Expertise Into a Profitable Online Business!

Let me show you how easy it is to CREATE a valuable asset people want, BUILD your authority online, and SELL your info products, courses, or coaching packages with Facebook™ ads... and probably faster than you think! 

Does This 
Sound Familiar?

Another long and stressful day at work has left you exhausted to enjoy some time at home with the family...

You find yourself counting down to the weekend because you hate being stuck in the office all week and can’t wait to do something fun…

Most of the time, you’re anxious, tired, and stressed out trying to balance work, family, and your social life…

And maybe you’re even wondering, “Is this really worth it?” 

“Is this really all there is?”
But the REAL question to ask yourself in moments like this is…

“How do I get out?...”

Because the answer to THIS question is right could be right under your nose...

In fact, thousands of people I’ve coached and mentored over the years have come to this crossroads in their lives.

And I’ve shown them exactly how to get out with a system that can..

Turn Your Knowledge Into a Sellable Product or Service So You Never Have to Work for Someone Else Again! 
(Unless You Really Want To)

Thanks to the Internet, there are now more opportunities than EVER to branch out and build your own business.

You’ve probably heard of people you know doing it already…

Someone is selling a course they created to make some money on the side.

Or maybe they’re selling coaching packages sharing their knowledge.

Maybe they’ve written a book and started selling it online.

Well here’s the thing…

This is more common than you think.

And probably EASIER than you think to actually create for yourself!

And I’m going to show you how in just a minute...
I’m Lise Gottlieb

I’m Lise Gottlieb

I’m an international bestselling author, mentor, coach, marketer, and entrepreneur.

I’m also a mom, tennis player, and a dog owner…

And a total nerd when it comes to all things marketing and anything to do with numbers. 

My happiest days are spent behind my computer screen sharing my secrets with the world.

And right now, my #1 obsession is helping people make a living doing what they love...

Because there is a WEALTH of opportunity out there for anyone who wants to start their own business…

Build their authority and expertise online…

And enjoy a great income doing what they truly love!
Online marketing can be INCREDIBLY powerful for increasing your reach and getting your products and services in front of the right people…

But only when you know what you’re doing.

So I made it my personal mission to study Facebook™ -- its algorithms, the advertising methods, everything. 

And test and try out virtually EVERY method and concept, making a note of what worked and what didn’t. 

But what I didn’t expect was what happened next…
I discovered that there’s a HUGE market for courses, educational programs, and coaching right now…

People are HUNGRY to pay for content and expertise.

So this means anyone who knows how to CREATE good content people want…

And then knows how to package it up and SELL it…

Can be extremely successful with their own online business.

So I was determined to “crack the code” on this, I wanted to know how this worked and I tried and tested MANY things myself before I figured it out…

I probably spent thousands just testing and gathering results, data, and research.

Until I figured out a “formula” that works.

A process that easily turns your knowledge and expertise into INCOME.  

This is stuff that nobody else was doing...

I also figured out how to get other people to send me all the purchase-hungry leads I wanted.

I had found a systematic way to get quality leads AND convert them with the right ads, emails, and other marketing methods. 

This helped me, and has now helped thousands of others, sell courses and programs virtually on autopilot!

And this whole system can be broken down into SIX key phases:

Here’s How 
This “System” Works…

Step #1


Launch a Facebook™ Business Page with 10,000 fans in 3 days. This immediately builds authority and sets you apart from competitors. 
Step #2


Create a valuable asset using your knowledge and expertise as material to give away to your fans. Use this to build your email list of potential customers. 
Step #3


Get clear on WHO your ideal client is (avatar) so you can start creating all your marketing and messaging specifically for this audience. This will help you attract the RIGHT clients and customers.
Step #4


Learn what’s working online right now, what to avoid, and how to steer clear of “shiny object syndrome” as you build your business!
Step #5


Get a competitive advantage by leveraging and mastering paid ads to sell your courses, ebooks, info products, or coaching packages.
Step #6


Launch your online marketing strategy with free opt-in funnels, low-cost lead gen, paid ads, and influencer marketing for long-term success! 

And It Doesn’t Matter If You Have a Product or a Business (Yet)...This System Will Show You Exactly How to Create Your Dream Business!

I’ve put together one of the most comprehensive training programs available for anyone who wants to:
  • Have MORE free time to enjoy with friends and family, WHILE earning money
  • Stop stressing about getting to work on time or clocking in X amount of hours just to earn a paycheck
  • Trade living paycheck to paycheck for a steady and reliable stream of income (and doing it without a boss!)
  • ​Sharing your passion, knowledge, and expertise with others and getting PAID for it
  • ​Learn how to be a successful online entrepreneur while building your authority as an EXPERT in your industry

Here’s What People Are Saying About My Methods!

“I Made a Profit In My FIRST Month!”

Entrepreneur, Italy

“Very compelling tests and strategies!”

Dr. Vijay Ram
Entrepreneur, US

“She Taught Me Everything in a Very Easy, Step-by-Step Strategy!”

Entrepreneur, Chicago

Get All the Tools, Systems, and Step-by-Step 
Guidance You Need With…

Cash Machine PRO!

The ONLY business builder program that includes video trainings, templates, “Done-For-You” marketing materials and proven formulas that can put you on the path to success!


  • You’ve dreamed about having your own online business but don’t know where to start
  • ​You have an established business but you’re not sure how to translate that into online advertising that actually gets results and doesn’t break the bank
  • ​You’re a new business owner and you want to set up and automate processes that continue to bring in high quality, ready-to-act leads in a way that’s cost-effective.
  • ​You want someone to show you the way, step-by-step exactly how it’s done, with no fluff or filler. 


  • You’re looking for a “turnkey” business and don’t want to build authority or expertise in your field
  • ​You have employees or you run any type of agency
  • ​You already know how to run Facebook™ ads profitably and have mastered online marketing for all types of products and services
  • ​You’re not willing to put invest in yourself and your personal growth to improve your life, lifestyle, and income

Here’s What’s Included in

Cash Machine PRO!

Get 10,000 Fans In 3 Days Organic Monetization Strategies ($997 VALUE)

Learn how to build your authority FAST and get paid to do it using this incredible formula that cuts years of effort into just 72 hours!

The Golden Lead Magnet Template ($997 VALUE)

How to create a valuable “freebie” that ATTRACTS your ideal prospects like never before. It’s almost scary how well it works, and people will be practically tripping over themselves to take advantage of your offer!

Ultimate Profit Growth Multiplier ($497 VALUE)  

How to STOP losing leads to your competitors by capturing their attention right away with this template that helps you reach new prospects, and grow your Facebook™ profits like never before. 

The Golden Bridge Sales Funnel ($497 VALUE)

This is the “Secret Sauce” that pays me every time I get a customer -- while your competitors are fighting over leads, you’ll be welcoming hungry customers!

The Instant Cash Machine ($297 VALUE) 

Learn a step-by-step way to get sales nearly “on-demand”. This strategy breaks down exactly how to monetize your lists and audience to generate some cash when you need it!  

The Ultimate Authority in Your Market ($297 VALUE)  

A powerful strategy that I use to become a recognized authority in nearly ANY market, quickly and efficiently. You’ll be surprised how well this works! 

The 15 Minute-a-Day Formula ($197 VALUE)  

The exact step-by-step process I use to gain referrals, get new business and much more, all in just 15 minutes a day. 

when you sign up today, you’ll ALSO get access to these exclusive bonuses!

Bonus #1

Advanced Facebook™ Ads ($1,497 VALUE)

Learn the secrets to advertising on Facebook™ without spending (wasting) tons of money on ads that are complete failures. 
Bonus #2

One Hour Instagram Cash Machine ($197 VALUE)

Take advantage of this untapped social media gold mine using the little-known strategies the most successful business owners are using to crush it on Instagram… for FREE! (So many business owners try and fail on Instagram because they are simply missing these HUGE money-making strategies!)
Bonus #3

Building A Profitable Email List In 30 Days ($997 VALUE)

Learn how to build a thriving email list in a month or less, adding an additional profit stream to your Facebook™ business! 
Bonus #4

A FREE Ticket to the #BusinessNinja Mastermind” - Biz Boost Profit Summit ($1,997 VALUE)

Join us for two days to make this your most fun and profitable year. In just 48 hours we'll put the plan in place to have all your marketing, conversion and referrals systems up and running and show you how to completely automate the entire process. This will be a live, in-person event in Orlando in January. While you should be there...if you can't attend, no problem. We'll send you the complete recordings, all the tools, and templates from the event.



I know you’ll be able to follow this easy, workable system, so I’m willing to back up my strategies and techniques with my 30-Day “Grow with Confidence Satisfaction Warranty.

Use all the templates, tools, scripts, pages and bonuses…and if in that 30 days you decide you don't want the program, I’ll gladly return your investment in this program. 
So, you have a month to go through the entire program…use all of the templates, tools, scripts, pages and bonuses…and if in that 30 days you're not 100% positive this will generate the sales and results you want, I will refund your investment!

Which means there’s virtually no reason not to take action today! 

So right now, you can get ALL of my monetization strategies, checklists, templates, video trainings, bonuses, AND a FREE Ticket to the #BusinessNinja Mastermind Biz Boost Profit Summit…

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and literally years creating this system for myself and my business, the truth of the matter is, I’ve already made all my money back many times over. 

So while I could easily justify a price point for $5,000 - $10,000, since you’ll make that back and more in just a few months, the investment is going to be much MUCH lower today.

This system without ALL the bonuses is easily worth $4,699 and usually sells on my website without the bonuses for $1,997...but that's not what your investment will be today...

For a very limited time, you can gain access to the entire Facebook™ Cash Machine PRO System PLUS the Bonuses and claim your free Summit Ticket for...

Reg. $3,779
ONLY $997!

And Remember:

There’s ZERO Risk 
for Trying This System!

I KNOW Facebook Cash Machine PRO works and will completely blow you away.

You’ll effortlessly generate thousands of new raving fans and turn them into cash-in-hand customers without completely blowing your marketing budget. 

But, I realize you might be skeptical so I wanted to remove any hesitation or doubt you may have.

Second, I trust you to be fair and not take advantage of me or my offer.

Don’t decide now if Facebook Cash Machine PRO is for you. 

Just get it and try it out. Prove to yourself that this system is all I say it is. Then decide whether it is as killer as I say it is or if you want “100% of your money back”. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain, and virtually zero risk!

For a very limited time, you can gain access to 
Facebook™ Cash Machine PRO PLUS the Bonuses and the Summit Ticket for...

Reg. $3,779
ONLY $997!

Lise Gottlieb

LIse Gottlieb is an international bestselling author and is known as “The e-Commerce Queen of Denmark”. She’s also the creator of “Power e-com Formula” and helps business owners around the world stay competitive with the latest online marketing strategies and tactics.

In her work as a Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, Harvard Speaker, Bestselling Author and Business Coach, Lise Gottlieb shares her proven strategies with self-motivated, disciplined, hard-working people to help them attain a Wholistic Life-Style that includes personal & financial independence.
In early 2013, Lise founded Biz Boost Group – a sales & marketing coaching and training company that helps clients double, triple and quadruple their profits using tried and tested sales and marketing strategies, such as direct response advertising methods online, lead generation, sales conversion, sales funnels, retention programs, product bundles, social media marketing, Facebook™ advertising, video marketing, web design, SEO and brand building.

One of Lise’s biggest passions is coaching and mentoring her clients from around the globe. She created Facebook™ Cash Machine PRO program to help more business owners and budding entrepreneurs learn her strategies and navigate the world of online marketing with confidence.

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Facebook™ Cash Machine PRO!

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