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If you’re looking for a system that generates thousands of dollars in just 72 hours by converting “dead” leads into sales on auto-pilot, then you’ve made a great decision reading this letter.

I’ve just released a confidential program called the “3-Day Payday” that generates thousands of dollars of sales from leads you thought were dead.

And it does it all using FREE software you already have.

That’s right…it won’t cost you a single penny.

100% FREE money.

The best part is, if you’re in a business where you have buyers who could buy from you again, this program works 300%-500% better!

Instead of thousands of extra dollars in just three days, you could be looking at a five-figure payday.
It’s easy, it’s free, it works!
The three-day payday is based on a powerful psychological methodology that, through email, turns uninterested leads into ravenous buyers, bypassing the part of the brain that alerts people to just another advertisement.
Instead of feeling ‘sold’ your buyers will believe they are on a journey to find what you’re offering, and then magically, at just the right time, you’ll offer them the solution that’ll either help them achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, or solve the problem they’ll think they’ve been struggling with for a long, long time.

You’re not a seller, you’re a solution!

And they are ecstatic they found you.

And while this uses deep psychology, based on over FIVE years of research, research that saw sales increase by over 300% in that time, you don’t need to know any of it!
Because it’s all done for you.
If you’re the curious type, we’ve included a training the chronicles this five-year journey and explains at each step what happens and why this works so incredibly well……but first put it to the test and make some money!
After all, this isn’t some “long-term” strategy that takes days of study, weeks of implementation, and months or even years to see results.

No, this entire system take just about an hour of your time, over just 3 days.

And at the stroke of midnight on day three, you will have made thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of extra dollars when you follow this simple system.
Now let me warn you!!!
While you’ve seen lots of testimonials (and I have dozens of other REAL ones on file at my office) this system does NOT work for most.
Most people never make a single penny.


It’s hard for a system to work that never gets used!

Studies show that upwards of 90% of people who buy a course, even one as incredible as this, NEVER use it.

So if you are not going to take 60 minutes to use this FREE system, I GUARANTEE you won’t make a single penny either.

Also…if you’re the type of person who always wants to “reinvent the wheel,” you won’t experience the type of results many others have either.

It took five years, hundreds of hours, literally THOUSANDS of emails to get this producing these kinds of results.

And if you’re the type who wants to throw all that away or says “This won’t work for me,” then you’re probably right.

But…if you can follow SIMPLE, PROVEN, STEP-BY-STEP instructions and literally use fill-in-the-blank templates, then this IS FOR YOU!

Now, if I were you, I would be asking myself...
“How much is this whole thing going to cost?”
First, let’s answer another question.
If three days from now, you could take all of your unconverted leads and turn a percentage into cash-paying buyers, what’d that be worth to you?

What if you could use a simple FREE system, on auto-pilot, shorten the “sales cycle” significantly and within just days of getting a new lead, have them eager to buy from you, ALL without any selling?

What if you took EVERYONE who has ever bought from you in the past, and in less than 72 hours, got more repeat business from them than you now do all month…what would that be worth to you?

For some it’s a few thousand dollars.

And a few thousand dollars in your bank account 72 hours from now would be nice, right?

For others it’s five to seven thousand dollars.

That could be as much as some people make all month!

And to those who’ve been around for a while, it could be five figures…

Imagine adding five figures of sales to your business each 
and every month?!?
But let’s erase that thought of an extra six figures of income this year.

Let’s even take back that extra five figures.

Finally, let’s get rid of even an extra few thousand dollars in your bank account in 72 hours.

And let’s for a moment put aside any skepticism, disbelief, or apprehension that you may feel and let’s pretend you were 100% positive that this would work the exact way that’s been described.

If you were 100% positive that this will work for you in the next three days and you could do it over and over and over again, take a deep breath and as you exhale say the first number that comes to mind as to how much this would be worth to you.

Do you have that number?

Did it surprise you?

Well, obviously, at a minimum if you had a system like you’ve imagined that you could use each and every week, it’d be worth thousands of dollars.

To some who may just be starting out, it’d be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

To others who’ve been in business for a while, it’d be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

To a few, people with very large lists of past buyers, large lists of leads, people who’ve been around for years and years, it’d be worth six or even seven figures a year.

But here’s the problem...
You can’t buy this system.
I don’t sell it at any price.
And it’s not because it doesn’t exist!
You’ve seen REAL testimonials for REAL people using the program, and there are dozens more just like that.

But none of them bought the program either.

See the only way to get the 3-Day Payday is to become a Profitable Professionals #BusinessNinja.
“What the heck is a Profitable Professionals #BusinessNinja?!?”
Simply put, it’s how you raise your hand and say, “I want more success, easier!

"I’m working too hard for the money I’m making, and I want a better way.

“I’m done wasting time and money on things that don’t work or groping in the dark trying to desperately figure out what does and instead want proven systems given to me now.

"And I want them delivered.

“And I want them each and every week.

“And I want someone to get me up and going, giving me exact directions so that there’s no guesswork involved.

“Oh, and I want it all for just $3.18 a day.”
So what does this all mean?
It means that every week you’ll get a paint-by-numbers marketing plan that takes minutes to implement and when done right, you’ll be exchanging your $3.18 a day for thousands of extra dollars a month.
It means that you’ll have a community of others, people who’ve been where you’re at, and more importantly are where you want to go to guide, advise, and assist you every day.

It means that each month you’ll get a BRAND-NEW strategy, just like the: 
  • 8-sentence referral formula that'll get you you IDEAL referrals week in and week out with one simple note.
  • “You have a credit” email that brought in thousands of dollars of sales by "giving" away FREE money. It's so brain-dead simple you'll kick yourself for not having thought of it.
  • 3-line posting formula that quickly and easily get's you leads and sale online. This is the ultimate hack to making online advertising profitable fast.
  • 4W online marketing campaign...indescribable but effective EVERY time!
  • Receive, Believe, Achieve method to continuous monthly recurring income. Think about not just making your next sale to a customer, but your next 12 sales to the same person.
  • 4-word “Uber” method that’s uber successful. See how a tiny change can get you tons of business even when your ideal customer has said NO to your competition...maybe just minutes before.
  • “Powerless to resist.” Enough said. But use it sparingly!!!  
  • Q, Q, Q, technique to sales made simple. This is the secret technique showing you how to sell, without selling. Simply lead your prospect down a path where the inevitable end is your product.
  • Price multiplier system that increases your current prices by 40% - 60% more while having happier customers, more loyal customers
  • And much much more...
This is all accompanied by LIVE video calls (don’t worry they are recorded if you can’t make it) explaining everything and answering any questions you may have.
And you get ALL this and more for just $97 a month!
That means you’ll get 
everything for just $3.18 a day!
Did I mention Profitable Professionals #BusinessNinja has also included systems like…
  • 7 FREE ways to get new leads today. Does this really need any more explanation?
  • The E.I.C.2.T method to getting referral & repeat business. Funny name, serious referrals! 
  • How to get 600% more leads using one-simple thing that’s FREE. If you're doing any online marketing and NOT doing this, simply said you're missing out on hundreds of leads and thousands of dollars.
  • 9 ways you can make more sales and charge more that have NOTHING to do with your product or service. Discover how to change the game and WIN based on things that have nothing to do with what you THINK you sell.
  • The “Amazon” sales secret you can steal for your business. See what simple sale strategy the big-boys use and how you can profit just like them
  • P-A-S-T-O-R system to save yourself stress, time, energy, and money. Why wouldn't you want this?
  • 3 Quick-Fix strategies that’ll boost ANY ad. See a slowdown in results or simply want to put your ads on "go-mode". These three things will turbo-boost your results...period.
  • “How much extra should you tip when you’re planning to pocket the ashtray?” This age-old strategy bypasses peoples sales defenses and has them pulling out their credit card before they know it.
  • Peter’s FAVORITE book and “why you don’t get what you want, but you get who you are!”
  • The “with & towards” approach to massive success fast. MOST business owners are doing the opposite. STOP IT. Do this to make more faster and easier.
  • And much, much, much more!
Did you know all of these are ACTUAL systems delivered
just in the past 6 months???
If someone offered you a ride in a time machine so you could go back 180 days and have ALL of these strategies working for you right now, would you do it?
Before you answer, let’s slow down because you may feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose right now.

The dozens of strategies I’ve mentioned CAN be overwhelming when you read them all at once.

But…What if each week, you got just one strategy, and spent a few hours to get it up and running, and then put it on auto-pilot.

One little virtual “oil well” that attracted new leads, made more sales, got more referrals and repeat business each week.

Just one a week you build once and then works for you, forever.

Now look behind you.

Look at 26 little oil wells that’re pumping away for you.

That’s what going back in time six months would do.

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”
Well, we all know YOU can’t go back in time.
But we can start right now!
We can start building our oil wells today (starting with the 3-Day Payday) so that we start churning out extra leads, sales, business, success…EASIER and faster…in just 72 hours.

A month from now we can look back and see 4 little oil wells working for us.

A year from now…

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Let’s just get started now.

If you finally want a business that’s easier, more successful, takes less time and is, quite frankly, the envy of all those around you, then you have two options.

First is that you can get everything for just $3.18 paid monthly.

That’s just $97 month to have it all.
One last thing…and it’s important…
there are no long-term contracts!!!
What’s this mean?
Once you pay you’re under ZERO obligation to stay one minute longer than you’ve agreed to.

That means at any time you can cancel your monthly (or annual) subscription and you won’t be charged a single penny more.

This program is SO good that you’ll want to stay.

Month after month, year after year.

After all, when you’re trading pennies for dollars, tens for hundreds, why would you quit?

So you decide if it’s worth it.

And at any time should you feel it’s not, you simply call us or email, and you won’t be charged another penny.

You’ll be considered “paid in full,” and you’ll get to keep EVERYTHING you’ve already gotten, PLUS the 3-Day Payday, and not be charged a penny more.

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