NYC Mastermind May 23 rd, 2023
How to start, grow and scale ANY Business
Private LIVE MasterMind 
By Serial Entrepreneur Lise Gottlieb
1 Full Day  Private MasterMind & Coaching Event With "The eCommerce Queen of Denmark"



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LISE GOTTLIEB, “The e-Commerce Queen of Denmark,” creator of “Power e-com Formula", has established more than 118 businesses, 21 physical businesses, 45 investment funds and 52 online businesses. 

Lise Gottlieb has resently spoken at Harvard Business School about her successful business model "Power e-Com Formula" and been featured in magazines and TV.

Lise Gottlieb is doing a 1-day MasterMind for at small group of NYC-entrepreneurs, who are strugling with increasing sales and profit, and are feeling overwhelmet with doing all the transactional stuff in an entrereneureal business; and she wants to coach you. Mrs. Gottlieb does not normally do events like this, but with her new upcoming book "5 Steps to Business Profit", she wants to prove to the world that she can grow any business from zero to  100,000, 100,000 to 1 million, and 1 million to 10 million. Once you get to over 10 million a year, there is a completely different set of rules which will be discussed at the event.

In her work as a Marketing Expert,  Serie Entrepreneur, Harvard Speaker, International Bestselling Author and Business Coach, Lise Gottlieb shares her proven strategies with self-motivated, disciplined, hard-working people to help them attain a Wholistic Life-Style that includes personal & financial independence.

The big question… how do you grow a business to 10 million a year?

CEO & Founder of Biz Boost Group
International Bestselling Author

#1 Branding: If you are a nobody, you will never get to 10 million. We are going to show you how to build brand awareness, brand insistence and brand advocacy. Put all these things together, and you are on your way to achieving great success.
#2 Marketing: Marketing is the engine of your business while branding is the fuel. Any business that is based on referrals is not a business, is not sustainable and cannot be sold. I know it’s easier to base a business on referrals since referrals mean people like you, but you also need to know marketing so you can spend 1,000 and make 5,000; also known as the 5X formula. Don’t worry; we are going to show you exactly how to do that.
#3 Relationships: In business, it’s not what you know or who you know, but who knows you. It takes one person and one deal to change your life and your business forever. Lise Gottlieb will show you how to do business with people that are way more successful than you. Remember, who you spend time with is who you become.
#4 Coaching: We all need heroes, models and coaches. Yes they are expensive and most entrepreneurs don’t have a coach, which explains why 95% of businesses fail after 5 years. Whether you have a coach or not, don’t worry, Lise Gottlieb is a trusted advicer of many successful businesses and she will be coaching you live, right there on the spot, whether you have a business or not.
#5 Time Management: It’s not about time management; it’s about energy management. Many entrepreneurs work too much “in” their business rather than “on” it. We all have 24 hours in a day, but it’s how you use them that matters. Most of the time, entrepreneurs are spending 99% of their time doing the wrong things. Learn how to spend 100% of your time on the 1% that matters.
This event is for… 
Property Investors
Speakers & Coaches
Start-ups or people who don’t have a business yet

THIS IS NOT an event for your EMPLOYEES

What are you going to get after spending one day with Lise Gottlieb?
  • More Growth
  • More Profits
  • A blueprint to 10 million a year
Are you curious or serious? Don’t worry, there is no catch. We just want your success story.
The bottom line: spend one day with Lise Gottlieb, International Business Coach, so that your 2023 will be your year best ever. Remember, when we get rid of our excuses, we will find our results.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will Lise Gottlieb be there personally?
Yes she will. 
I’m an advanced entrepreneur, so is this event for me?
Of course, Lise Gottlieb has created over 118 businesses and brands and does business in several countries. You are going to learn how to work on your business rather than in it.
I’m a new entrepreneur, or I don’t have a business yet. Is this event for me?
Absolutely; in fact, if you want to succeed then you must attend. Lise Gottlieb will share her blueprint on how she starts, grows and explodes any business, regardless of the industry.
Should I bring my employees or send them in my place?
No, if you bring your employees, they will learn all the ins and outs and will eventually want to leave you to start their own business. The training is that good and inspiring. But you will just have to see for yourself.
Is this a just sell-a-thon event?
Nope. We don’t like them either.
Interview with Lise Gottlieb in Thrive! By Heather Poduska - Boston
Here's What Just A Couple Of Our Amazing Clients
 have to say about Lise Gottlieb
"Since working with Lise I've generated my first 5-figure month after 2 month"
"After I joined Lise's Master Class I learned everything I needed to create a profitable online business"
Claudio Toyama, US
"I have heard Lise Gottlieb speak at Harvard University, and she is a facination speaker"
Dr. Vijay Ram, US
"Her talk at Harvard was fenomonal; Lise Gottlieb roused the crow at Harvard Business School, and taugt me new ways of thinking"
"Lise changed my life - She taught me everything I needed to created a profitable business online."
"Lise taught me how to create an online business - already profitable after a few month. Lise changed my life."
Nancy Martin, US
"I just heard Lise Gottlieb speak at Harvard about online marketing and hos to build your business, and I learned so much from her, just from this talk. Lise is a very inspiring person and speaker."
Dave Nassaney, US
"I will highly recommend Lise Gottlieb if you need a good speaker about online business to inspire and motivate your leaders and learn new cutting edge way to convert leads into sales"
"My income has changed tremendously after working with Lise. I'm now making 4-6k per month and my life has changed. I'm now able to travel and do things I couldn't afford before."
"Lise taught me how to build an online business, and after only 2 months I had my first 5-figure month. I can highly recommend working with Lise if you want to build a profitable business online."
Mala Rama, Singapore
"Lise Gottlieb is a great speaker and teach you ways of converting cold leads into customers you have never heard of before"
Maryanne Parker, US
"Lise Gottlieb gave a very moving presentation at Harvard Business School, she is the expert of choise"
Lisa Layne
"I would highly recommend Lise Gottlieb to any company looking for someone to quickly and efficiently tackle their marketing needs, large or small. We've asked them to help us with our online presents, and they have applied themselves with great efficiency and enthusiasm to all of the tasks which makes it a great pleasure to work with the team as they quickly understands what's required and completely embraces the those of the company, making you feel like you have some additional dedicated members in your team."
Sarah Blythe
“Lise Gottlieb was able to quickly understand our business and market to develop a comprehensive and robust marketing strategy to achieve our key objectives. They are now driving our strategy forward in a highly productive and effective way. We have been so impressed with the work done so far that we have already recommended them to four other companies.”
Tina Lindholm
"I can recommend Lise, she is working focused and result oriented."
Stig Brandt
"Enjoyed working together with Lise, with her high skills in business issues and understanding. Always willing to help and think of new ways to reach the goals."
The Foxgrove
43 West 29th Street, 4th Floor, New York

October 27th 2023 (Tuesday).
From 9AM to 5PM 
Registration from 8AM.
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